Oink & Moo BBQ

oink and moo bbq truck


Branding, Web/UX Design, Graphic Design (menus, food truck, BBQ sauce label)


January 2012 – September 2017

What’s better than BBQ? How about a BBQ food truck? This was a dream opportunity that came my way. I got to work with entrepreneur and founder Josh Sacks on building of his brand, Oink & Moo BBQ. When we first met, I thought I was only going to do the website and maybe a bit of branding, but this turned out to be a “soup to nuts” project that lead to some fun and challenging work over a period of 5 years.


This was his initial mock-up for the logo:

As the logo designer I was able to take his initial inspiration and start sketching out some ideas:

I knew there had to be a single visual that combined both the “Oink” and the “Moo” to define the brand. This was going to be all over the truck, website, social, products, etc. One night while brainstorming, I was extremely hungry and began thinking about t-bone steaks. If you’re not familiar with this deliciousness, the T-bone steak is recognizable due to the lumbar vertebra between the tenderloin and strip steaks. My father was a butcher so these were things I grew up learning about. Using the t-bone as my inspiration I used the outline of a pig and cow, then played with sizing to make them to fit. The result:

The client was excited and we just added a band with the name “Oink & Moo BBQ” and the main logo was complete.


Using the color palette and design it was on to the website, but first I needed to create a wireframe:

Then on to the site:



This was probably the coolest part of the project because I never thought I’d have the opportunity to design a food truck, let alone see it on the road and at events with massive lines, but when the opportunity presented itself, I went for it. I started with a truck template and wanted to keep things pretty simple focusing on the logo and some of the visuals used on the site.

This was the design:

and this was the truck in real life:

Of course, I didn’t do any of the cooking, but I do take a bit of pride in the fact that the truck won The Daily Meal’s #1 Food Truck in America.

Sadly, the owner and I are no longer working together on this project and the website has changed considerably, but it is great to still see this truck cruising around New Jersey slinging award-winning BBQ.

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